“They have got such a huge hit on their hands, baby! Run. Do not walk to see this. It’s truly one of the most brilliant performances I’ve ever seen a man give on the stage.”
Kathy Lee - The Today Show
“Georgie is a masterpiece.”
The Huffington Post
“We highly recommend Georgie….The combination of the stories, the characters, and Dixon’s own persona make Georgie an evening of charm and delight. That is, until the shattering and brutal truth comes blustering in. ”
The Huffington Post
“A giddy, humorous, and moving celebration.”
Broadway World
“Riveting, riotous and revealing”
Theater Pizzazz
“Dixon's performance captivates you from start to finish.
Curtain Up
“Dixon is a master storyteller and writer who keeps our attention to the fullest.
Times Square Chronicle
“Theatrical storytelling at its highest level. one character to another, delivering incisive impersonations and well-timed punch lines.”


Photo of Ed Dixon by Christopher Mueller.
Graphic design by Jessica Aimone/Signature Theatre.